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A little spiel about us at Executive Tuition....

Finally! Training delivery that is uncomplicated, focussed, self-paced and solely based on the requirements of the user.

Online Learning

Executive Tuition is a Perth Australia-based and owned business whose success stems from the identified need for professionals to improve their skills, without having to attend generic group training courses that do not address their specific needs. To achieve this we provide both Online Learning (self paced) and One to One Personal IT tuition.

Through our extensive one to one training experience and overwhelming feedback from our clients, we have identified a need to provide online learning in a wide variety of fields. These include - but are not limited to online learning in the following areas:

  • computer training
  • net training
  • web design
  • pc maintenance
  • life coaching
  • language
  • music
  • weight loss

...and the list is growing bigger by the minute...

So in addition to our popular one to one training delivery, we are very excited and proud to be able to offer an extensive list of online learning recommendations that are available to not only our clients in Australia but clients Worldwide.


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