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Online learning represents a major shift in training and development. Learning possibilities are significantly expanded as availability overcomes travel and timing issues.

We at Executive Tuition pride ourselves on providing quality and targeted online training to meet the information and personal needs of an increasing number of people interested in learning online.

We have a comprehensive menu of online courses available, such as online learning computer training, business courses, online net training, IT tuition, language courses, music courses - in fact a wide variety of online learning categories. We update this showcase of different types of e-learning on a regular basis. We are meticulous in what we choose to offer our clients as our motto is to serve more clients, more efficiently.

Online Learning

Executive Tuition operates like an electronic umbrella under which we have many resources and global tuition. we have researched and sorted them by content and make them available to you, our client.

We are also proud to offer a comprehensive directory of free online courses and links to comprehensive resources.

Feedback from our clients overwhelmingly states that people don't want to be locked in to a strict schedule to complete assignments and attend classes as primarily their main reason for their career change is to create more family time.

Evening or weekend classes take away from family time. More and more our clients tell us they are seeking alternative study options, preferably where they can learn in their own time and at their own pace. Executive Tuition and online learning endeavours to fill this need of our clients.

Some of the more obvious benefits of learning online:

  • No wasted time in a classroom
  • No lost work days
  • No accommodation costs
  • No travel costs
  • No missing staff from jobs
  • Train when you want to
  • Train at your own pace
  • Review the content any time
  • Online tutorial support so you're not alone
  • Manuals and exercise files can be downloaded

Free Online Computer Training
Free Online Computer Training, Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Access, Publisher and more....
Free Online Courses
Free Online Courses - download these free courses and work at your own pace to develop your knowledge and skills.
Online Training Course Reviews
Online Training Course Reviews - Compare and discover the best online training courses.
Online learning News
The latest in online learning. Keep up-to-date with what's happening in online global tuition.
Online Learning Links
A resource of online learning links worldwide
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About Us at Executive Tuition. Who we are and what we do.
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Excel Keyboard Shortcuts
Excel Keyboard Shortcuts - list of handy shorts for use with Excel 2003 and Excel 2007
Excel Tips and Tricks
Excel Tips and Tricks - Make your life using Excel easier by learning these excellent shortcuts and tips and tricks
Free Microsoft Powerpoint Tutorial
Free Microsoft Powerpoint Tutorial - Learn the basics of Powerpoint presentations - for Free...
Free Microsoft Access Training
Free Microsoft Access Training - basic and intermediate tutorials for Access 2007 - Free...
Email Merge Tutorial
Email Merge Tutorial - How to perform an email merge in Outlook - <B>A Free tutorial</B>
Outlook Contacts tutorial
Outlook Contacts tutorial - a <B>Free</B> tutorial in using Contacts in Outlook.
Outlook Distribution Lists Tutorial
Outlook Distribution Lists Tutorial - a free training session on how to use Distribution Lists in Microsoft Outlook
Outlook Templates Tutorial
Outlook Templates Tutorial - a free training session on how to use temlates in Microsoft Outlook
Email Management Tutorial
Email Management Tutorial
Email Tips and Techniques
Email Tips and Techniques - use Outlook more effectively.....
Internet Explorer Basics
Internet Explorer Basics - finding your way around the Internet Explorer Interface
Basic Computer Terms
Basic Computer Terms - that you need to know.....
Publisher Basics Tutorial
Publisher Basics Tutorial - Getting started with your Microsoft publication - a free tutorial
Microsoft Publisher Tips
Microsoft Publisher Tips
Microsoft Publisher Intermediate
Microsoft Publisher Intermediate Tutorial - a free training session for Publisher Intermediate users
Microsoft Word Basics Tutorial
Microsoft Word Basics Tutorial - A free training session on working with the basics of Microsoft Office Word
Microsoft Word Bullets Tutorial
Microsoft Word Bullets Tutorial - using bullets in Microsoft Word - <B>a free tutorial</B>
Microsoft Word Intermediate Tutorial
Microsoft Word Intermediate Tutorial - Using Table of Conents in Microsoft word - <B>a free tutorial</B>
Certificate II in Business
Certificate II in Business - A free Training Course
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