Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Excel keyboard shortcuts are a virtual 'goldmine' to making life easier when working with Microsoft Excel. Whether you need to perform a simple calculation in a worksheet or getting fast access to worksheets...

From handling a number of typical worksheet chores to copying data from a cell or range into adjacent cells, we recommend keeping the following keyboard shortcuts nearby in your workplace.

Scroll down for the following shortcuts:


Shortcut Action
Ctrl+O Open a worksheet
Ctrl+N Create new worksheet
Ctrl+S Save worksheet
F12 Save As
Ctrl+P Print worksheet
Ctrl+W Close worksheet
Shift+9 Hide selected rows
Ctrl+Shift+9 Display Hidden columns
Ctrl+0 Hide selected columns
Ctrl+Shift+0 Display hidden columns
Ctrl+F Find
Ctrl+H Find & Replace
F7 Spellcheck


Shortcut Action
Ctrl+B Bold
Ctrl+I Italics
Ctrl+U Underline
Ctrl + S Save
Alt+and OPen Style dialog box
Ctrl+1 Open Format Cells dialog box
Ctrl+Shift- Apply General Format
Ctrl+Shft+$ Apply Currency format
Ctrl+Shift+% Apply Percentage format
Ctrl+Shift+# Apply Date format
Ctrl+Shift@ Apply Time format
Ctrl+Shift+! Apply Number format
Ctrl+Shift+& Apply outline border
Ctrl+Shift__ Remove border

Selection Techniques

Shortcut Action
Shift+Spacebar Select a Row
Ctrl+Spacebar Select a Column
Ctrl+A Select entire worksheet
Shift+Home Select from current cell to the beginning of the row
Shift+End+Enter Select from current cell to last used cell in row
Ctrl+Shift+Home Selet from current cell to the beginning of worksheet


Shortcut Action
Ctrl+Page Down Move to next worksheet in workbook
Ctrl_Page Up Move to previous worksheet in workbook
Ctrl+F6 Cycle between open workbooks
Arrow keys Move one cell up, down left, or right
Ctrl+Arrow key Move to edge of data region
Home Move to beginning of row
End Move to end of row
Ctrl+Home Move to beginning of worksheet
Ctrol+End Move to end of used portion of worksheet
F6 Move between panes in a split worksheet
Ctrol+Backspace Display active cell
Enter Move down a cell in a selected range
Shift+Enter Move up a cell in a selected range
Shift+Tab Move one cell to the left in a selected range
Ctrl+period Move from corner cell to corner cell in a selected range

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Working with Data

Shortcut Action
Enter Complete an entry and move to next cell
Alt+Enter Insert a new line within a cell
F2 Enable editing within a cellete
Ctrl+Enter Fill selected cells with an entry you type
Esc Cancel an entry
Ctrl+D Fill data down through selected cells
Ctrl+R Fill data through selected cells to the right
Ctrl+F3 Create a name
Ctrl+K Insert a hyperlink
Ctrl+; Insert current date
Ctrl+: Insert current time
Ctrl+X Cut selected text or objects to clipboard
Ctrl+C Copy selected tedxt or object to clipboard
Ctrl+V Paste contents of clipboard
Ctrl+Delete Delete from insertion point to end of line
Ctrl+Shift+ Add blank cells
Ctrl+- Delete selected cells
F11 Create a chart from a range of data

Formula Shortcuts

Shortcut Action
= Begin a formula
Ctrl+Shift+Enter Enter a formula as an array
Shift+F3 Display Insert Function dialog box
F3 Paste a defined name into a formula
Alt+= Insert a SUM AutoSum formula
Ctrl+Shift+A Insert arguments after a function
f9 Calculate values for sheets in all open workbooks
Shift+F9 Calculate values for the current worksheet
Esc Cancel an entry

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