Free Microsoft Powerpoint Tutorial

Our Free Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial will enable you to learn how to create stunning eye-catching on-screen presentations.

Free Powerpoint Training These Presentations can include a combination of grahics, text, charts and also animation. Powerpoint can also be used to create flyers and posters.

Use Powerpoint to tell a story, share meaningful content, and engage your clients using its interactive tools.

Scroll down to source our list of basic and intermediate Free Powerpoint training to create professional and creative digital presentations.

These are the topics covered...

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Powerpoint Overview

This short tutorial will prepare you with the basics of Microsoft Powerpoint — how to create content on slides and prepare to present a show. It includes:

  • Put text and pictures on slides
  • Navigate in PowerPoint
  • Apply a design template
  • Arrange slide content using layouts
  • Print handouts and notes
  • Prepare your presentation

Change a design using Slide Masters

Learn how to create a design change in PowerPoint that applies to several slides at the same time. Edit elements such as the text position, font, and layout. Work with several master slides in a show with more than one design template. This short tutorial includes:

Printing Options and Handouts

Learn how to use and troubleshoot Powerpoint printing options. How to print slides, handouts and speaker notes. Learn how to choose additional layout choices for your presentation.

  • Using print preview
  • Printing options for notes, slides, outlines, or handouts
  • Adding and editing footers, headers, and notes
  • Learn to take advantage of Word options for rinting

Design your own Template

Customise a template for your presentation using your Company logo. This includes:

  • Create a new template using your own Design
  • Choose your own background images, colours, fonts, and text
  • Create title slides with an original design

Using Animation

Learn how to use animation to create graphics - text fly in, zoon in, and bounce. This tutorial includes:

  • Use preset features to apply text animation
  • Edit preset effects of create your own animattion using custom animation
  • Use dimming and sound effects to animate text
  • Fade images using effects

Timing Learn how to add timing effects. This tutorial includes:

  • Use time delays to create effects
  • Learn about other timing options
  • Learn how effects work together

Special Features of Powerpoint

Learn how to package and present your slideshow on to a CD. More tips on templates, title master slide, and picture optimisation.

  • Add a customised template to a presentation
  • Add a unique design to title slides using the title master
  • Learn how to optimise images
  • Package your slideshow to a CD or folder

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