Free Microsoft Access Training

Our free Microsoft Access Training resource will show you the basics of creating and editing database reports.

Free Microsoft Access Training Ever wonder what happens to the information you hand over when you apply for a personal loan or enter a competition?

In today's "Information Age", your name, address, phone number, email address and perhaps more will be entered in to a database - a storage for many different kinds of information.

Many businesses use Microsoft Access to store client or business information. This data is used to create multiple tables of information to create a database. The information can then be linked, or related, in a structured way and can be stored, manipulated and retrieved at will.

Scroll down for some great resources for Microsoft Access 2007 tutorials.

For more detailed training, see this Microsoft Office 2007 Tutorial.

The Basics

  • Download a database
  • Create a database
  • Save and share your data

Create a Database

  • Create a database with a table
  • Enter data in the new table
  • Set or edit field names
  • Set and edit data types


  • Organise data by moving, hiding, and resizing datasheet columns.
  • Format Data — changing the gridline style and background colour, editing text format, and resizing datasheet rows

Perform Calculations

  • The Totals row in a datasheet
  • Sum, count, and average data
  • Sort and filter data in a column
  • Using 'Search' to locate data

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Learn Access shortcut keys, or 'Key Tips', on the Ribbon
  • Navigating the Ribbon using the 'TAB' and 'arrow' keys
  • Learn key combinations

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