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Whether you need to know more about

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Service Selling
  • Working from Home
  • Being a Webmaster
  • Net Auctions
  • Writing for the Internet

Download these courses to your desktop and read through them at your leisure.

Affiliate Masters Course

Affiliate Masters Course

A 10-Day course focussing on the step-by-step process of building a website with content that generates profitable keywords and motivated, targeted traffic to click on recommendations and links to related products sold by represented merchants.

Service Selling Masters Course

Service Sellers Masters Course

This Course is designed and written for all service sellers... whether experienced, in the early stages, or new to online business development. The course will provide the tools required to build a Theme-Based Content Site - a site that attracts targeted traffic and generates income via developing a buying attitude in potential clients.

WAHM Masters Course

WAHM IT! The Masters Course

This inspiring course provides essential tools for any mother who wants to know about starting an online business from home. From reviewing possible online business options, being organised, to how to actually build a profitable business online. It even includes case studies.

Webmasters Masters Course

The Webmaster Business Course

This course is for Webmasters who already have the required design skills but need to enhance their business skills online.

Take advantage of the growing demand for affordable Webmasters. Learn to add to the creativity required by a Webmaster. The Course provides the information and resources needed to start a Webmastering business on a solid foundation. Written by an independent designer, Mark Frank, he generously shares his business knowledge, first-hand experiences and tips.

Net Auction Masters Course

Net Auction Selling Course

The Net Auction Selling course is a clearly written and comprehensive resource guide that provides essential strategies for building a successful Net Auction business. Well respected Net Auction expert, Sydney Johnston, shares her knowledge, experience and expertise in selling products and goods via online auctions.

Netwriting Masters Course

Net Writing Masters Course

This course covers using words to pre-sell as well as selling on the internet. Learn how to write content that internet surfers are looking for and that ranks well with the Search Engines. Learn how to write to pre-sell to site visitors and build confidence in them to purchase your products.

Make Your Price Sell

Make Your Price Sell - the Masters Course

A value pricing resource - this course will show you how to choose the right price for your product or service and ensure that it reflects current marketing conditions. It covers key business models, background pricing theory, profiling your target market. Learn how to make sure your product or service has an interested target group.

If you have any questions at all about the above free online courses please contact us. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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