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I am busy person because I have a responsibility on my shoulders. My mom is old and feeble, and needs constant monitoring and help. I am responsible for my brother’s children who are aged 6 and 4. Both my brother and his wife were killed in a car accident two years back and I have been taking care of these kids since then.

So, although I am not married myself, I have a lot to do. Thank God, I don’t have to go out and work. My father left us enough property so that we could live comfortably of the monthly rental income. I had always wanted to learn music but, couldn’t even imagine leaving the house and going for lessons. We live in the suburbs and the town is a good thirty minutes drive away.

The other day I was surfing the net and came across some excellent home tutor guides. You pay on line and you learn on line. I thought to myself, why didn’t I think of this sooner? Now, I could learn whatever I wanted to, sitting in the comfort of my own house and even get a recognized certification or diploma, depending on my course.

Music, language, computers, web designing, marketing tools, management skills, fashion designing, interior designing, the options were endless….
I am thinking of enrolling for a music course first as I have always wanted to learn the piano. Plus, I have a natural flair for interior designing and I would like to polish up my skills a bit. For my first project, I’ll redo my own place. It’ll be like my first project.

For me, this will be a change in surrounding and activity. The courses will give me affair chance to learn something new without compromising my main responsibilities. It's not executive courses per se, but I also don't want executive tuition prices either.

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