Free Microsoft Excel Training

Need Free Microsoft Excel Training?

Free Excel Training

Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet program used in today's business world and is fast becoming the standard business operating method. Understanding how to use Excel for viewing and analyzing data is paramount to succeeding in a business climate that depends on proficient Excel skills. That said, training is a must.

Scroll down below for a selection of free Microsoft Excel Tutorials for both the 2007 and 2003 versions.

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Microsoft Excel 2007

The New Interface

Formatting Files

Importing and Exporting Data

Entering and Revising Data

Basic Formatting

Working with Formulas

Online Training


Entering Text and Numbers

  • Moving Around the Microsoft Excel Worksheet
  • Selecting Cells
  • Entering Data
  • Editing a Cell
  • Deleting a Cell Entry
  • Changing a Cell Entry
  • Wrapping Text
  • Smart Tags
  • Entering Numbers as Labels or Values

Formatting Text and Performing Mathematical Calculations

  • Choose a Default Font
  • Adjust the Column Width
  • Cell Alignment
  • Formatting - Bold, Underline, Italic, Font, Font Size, Font Color
  • Working with more than one Worksheet
  • Performing Calculations
  • AutoSum
  • Automatic Calculation
  • Format Numbers
  • Advanced Maths Calculations
  • Set the Enter Key Direction
  • Delete and Insert Columns
  • Delete and Insert Rows
  • Create Borders
  • Merge and Centre
  • Auto Format
  • Add Background Color

Mathematical Calculations

  • Reference Operators
  • Functions
  • Calculate an Average
  • Calculate Count
  • Print Preview
  • Fill Cells Automatically

Create Charts

  • Create a Column Chart
  • Change the Size and Position of a Chart
  • Modifying Charts

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